Age: 4 and 5 year olds

Class Size: 4 to 7 students

Length: 90 Minute sessions 


A perfect compliment to half-day Pre-Kindergarten programs.  

We use research-based resources to build a curriculum 

based on your child's interests & needs. Your child will gain early literacy skills, enrich and enhance development, and foster a love of reading and writing. 

This year we are focusing more on phonological awareness. The most important phonological skills are blending and segmenting at the phoneme level (NRP, 2000). These phoneme level skills contribute directly to decoding and encoding. We work together on letter sounds, blending words and reading. 


We are proud that our preschool classes also act as a Literacy Labsite for local Pre-K teachers. After many years in the field of professional development for teachers, we know that what we do in these classes is cutting-edge, evidence-based practice that other teachers can benefit from seeing in action.                           


Preschool Readers!




Schedule for



Preschool Readers

Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays 


Currently enrolling for a winter session. 

Email us at: if interested 

We only allow 6 children in each class in order to differentiate instruction and maximize each child's experience. Class includes handouts of strategies for home. 

Cost is $425 for 8 week session


                                                                                *10% discount for siblings



In this class, our teaching is grounded in the research and strategies of these professional texts: 











A typical session includes:

  • An interactive read aloud in which the children engage with the text and the teacher models an early reading or writing behavior for the children to try out on their own

  • Practice with letters, sounds, and letter formation

  • Responding to stories in interactive ways

  • Opportunities for independent reading and writing in which the teacher encourages children to reach their individual potential

  • Multisensory play with phonological awareness skills, which serve as the foundation for learning to read. These include rhyming, segmenting and blending syllables and sounds.


Program features include:

  • Use of the highest quality children's books

  • Thoughtful conversations about books that promote oral language development and comprehension

  • Children choosing which books they want to read and topics they want to write about based on interest

  • Learning through hands-on games and play (no worksheets or memorization needed!)

  • A literacy environment that feels like the comfort of home and serves as the second teacher in the room 

  • A strong Home-School connection in which families are aware of daily learning at Thrive and able to to reinforce the skills and strategies by reading and talking about books at home. 



Come join us this school year! Availability is limited as we only allow 4-6 children in a class!  Small class size ensures that we meet each individual's needs. Plus, four in a group makes for great collaboration - where everyone's ideas are heard and encouraged! 



"Children who get out of the gate quickly who crack the spelling-to-sound code early on— appear to enter into a positive feedback loop. One of the benefits of these reciprocating effects may be a level of participation in literacy activities that leads to a lifetime habit of reading and thus sets the stage for future opportunities—opportunities not enjoyed by children who enter into this feedback loop more slowly."

-Cunningham and Stanovich, What Reading Does for the Mind