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Schedule for

2022/23 School Year:



116 Kings Highway East- Suite 2, Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Pre-K and Kindergarten Enrichment

WHAT: Different from traditional Pre-K and Kindergarten, this is a small group, differentiated program with an intensive focus on early literacy development. Instruction is hands-on and screen-free and designed based on the learning needs and interests of each child. Literacy is taught through connections to many other content areas such as social emotional learning, science, history, etc. A typical session includes:

● Phonological awareness skills, which serve as the foundation for learning to read. These include rhyming, segmenting and blending syllables and sounds

● Multi-sensory instruction of letter names, sounds, letter formation, and a bank of high frequency words

● Independent reading and writing in which the teacher encourages children to reach their individual potential

● An interactive read aloud in which the children engage with the text and develop listening comprehension

● Oral language development through high-level conversation with teacher and peers

● Emergent writing experiences including making books like real authors

WHY: Children who complete first grade reading on or above grade level in reading have a much higher success rate with future reading and writing. Conversely, children who fall behind in these years due to a lack of research-based instruction in beginning reading and writing skills tend to stay behind for future years.

HOW: This program is designed to complement high-quality half-day Pre-K or K programs, or, can act as a stand-alone program for your child that is focused entirely on early literacy development. Our classes are offered for a small group of children, up to 7 children in a class. 

  • (AM) 8:30-11:15 or (PM)12:30-3:15 PM, Monday through Friday. Can choose between 2-5 days a week for AM or PM sessions. Cannot attend both AM or PM sessions in one day, but can vary AM or PM throughout the week. 

  • Program runs on a month to month basis. Children can join at the start of any month. 

  • Please email to inquire about tuition.     

"Children who get out of the gate quickly who crack the spelling-to-sound code early on— appear to enter into a positive feedback loop. One of the benefits of these reciprocating effects may be a level of participation in literacy activities that leads to a lifetime habit of reading and thus sets the stage for future opportunities—opportunities not enjoyed by children who enter into this feedback loop more slowly."

-Cunningham and Stanovich, What Reading Does for the Mind

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