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School Year Services

During the School Year, Thrive offers classes and services for 4-12 year olds in Wayne, PA, Haddonfield, NJ, and local libraries in PA suburbs.


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All of our classes at Thrive share the following components:

✔ Differentiated, small group instruction. Children learn best when they are in a small group and get individualized attention and support. Classes are typically between 4-8 children.


✔ Evidence-based, high impact teaching practices grounded in recent research. The owners and teachers at Thrive are expert educators and specialists with decades of experience teaching children and other teachers about early literacy development.


✔ Warm, child-centered learning environment. We believe children learn best when they are happy, nurtured, given choices, and are actively engaged in activities that meet their interests and learning styles. Reading and writing can be playful, joyous experiences for children given the right environment.


✔ Children learn early literacy behaviors and strategies in the context of authentic reading and writing experiences. We use high-quality children’s books and curriculum that promote character development, diversity, and enjoyment.


✔ A strong home-school connection. We provide lots of opportunities and information for families to support literacy development at home as well as multiple conferences with families to discuss progress and goals.

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