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Pre-K and Kindergarten Early Literacy Kit- Small

Pre-K and Kindergarten Early Literacy Kit- Small

We’ve hand-picked and designed the best tools possible so your growing readers and writers are not only equipped with the skills and strategies they need, but the motivation and engagement for learning that is essential. There are so many games and activities on the market that are ineffective for beginning readers and writers. Understandably, parents have a hard time narrowing it down. Allow our years of experience with research, evidence based practice to provide you with a parent and child-friendly literacy kit for home that guides you in exactly what your child needs. Included is a Parent Tip sheet for your guidance. 
  • Details

    For Alphabet Knowledge: Hands on practice with letters and sounds:
    •Magnetic Alphabet Letter Set for games
    •Magnet board

    For Phonological Awareness: Skills that lay the foundation for learning to read:
    •Rhyming Picture Cards for Games
    •Beginning Sound Picture cards for Sorting Games

    For Reading Aloud to your child: Practice with oral Language, comprehension, beginning print and book awareness, and sophisticated Vocabulary:
    *2 High quality Read Alouds that Emergent Readers LOVE. Complete with Parent Talking Points posted inside the books so you know where to stop and what to say!
    (1 Hardcover books and 1 paperback)

    For Reading with support/on your own: Little Books with repetitive patterns and picture support.
    *5 Little Books – mix of fiction and non-fiction that readers can read on their own! They LOVE feeling like real readers!

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