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Customized Summer Reading Kit for 1st-6th Graders

Customized Summer Reading Kit for 1st-6th Graders

While children should spend the majority of their summer playing and relaxing, quality time needs to be devoted to reading in order to maintain interest and enhance reading development. Our customized Summer Literacy Kit achieves big results in a small amount of time- with little effort from parents to encourage summer reading! 
Why? We will meet with you and your child for a consultation about their reading interests and goals and then design a personalized summer reading kit just for your child! It includes books you will read together, books they will read on their own, supporting resources to enhance comprehension, and some word games to keep their spelling and writing on track.
Thrive this summer with our customized kits!
  • Details

    This Kit Includes:

    3 Books (handpicked based on your child's interests/goals) to read aloud/with your child- complete with post it notes inside the books with talking points and questions for parent and child.

    5 Books (handpicked based on your child's interests/goals) for your child to read independently. Each book includes an activity card which indicates places in the book to stop and think and includes comprehension questions and extension activities.

    Word Sort Games- based on your child's spelling needs, 3 word sorts will be included with directions. These sorts are designed for repeated practice over the summer.

    Parent Tip Sheet- Directions for how to use this kit effectively at home
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