Literacy Connections

Age: K-3rd Grade

Length: Two-hour sessions, 2 days a week


Our Literacy Connections classes are designed for home schooled children, or, a perfect compliment to a half-day Kindergarten program. There are no more than 4 children in a class. Your child will gain early literacy skills, enrich and enhance development, and foster a love of reading and writing. We use research & evidence-based resources to build a curriculum based on your child's interests & needs.


A typical session includes:

  • An interactive read aloud in which the teacher models an early reading or writing skill or strategy related to comprehension, fluency, or vocabulary

  • A guided reading session in which the teacher guides children through their “just right” books, practicing strategies for figuring out words and comprehending

  • Opportunities for independent reading and writing in which the teacher conferences with each child on their specific goals

  • Multisensory play with language and words so that children develop phonological awareness skills and begin to understand spelling patterns and early writing.


 (K/1st graders in one group, 2nd/3rd graders in another)


St. Mary's Church in Wayne

  • TUESDAY/THURSDAYS 10:00-11:30 AM or 1:30-3:00 PM 


Local Library-TBD

  •  TUESDAY/THURSDAYS 10:00-11:30 AM or 1:30-3:00 PM                                                                     

  • ** Cost for Literacy Connections is 85.00 a week.


**PLEASE NOTE: For either club, we cannot gaurantee enrollment until 3 children are registered. 


In these classes, our teaching is grounded in the research and strategies of these professional texts: 













Program features include:

  • Small class size ensures that we meet each individual's needs and everyone's ideas are heard and encouraged

  • Use of the highest quality children's books

  • Screen-Free, promote face to face communication

  • Thoughtful conversations about books that promote critical thinking

  • Children choosing which books they want to read and topics they want to write about based on interest

  • Learning through hands on games and play (no worksheets or memorization needed!)

  • A literacy environment that feels like the comfort of home and serves as the second teacher in the room 


We serve growing readers and writers out of various locations in and around the main line  and surrounding suburbs.

Get in touch at to learn how you can Thrive with us! 484-402-READ (7323)