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Classes for Kindergarteners


We offer two options for Kindergartners. Our "Kindergarten Authors" classes are one day a week for one hour. "Literacy Connections" classes are two hour sessions 2 to 3 days a week. Our sessions run for 6 to 8 weeks depending on location. Click here to learn more about Literacy Connections.


Kindergarten Authors

Age: 5 and 6 year olds

Length: One-hour, one day a week


Children benefit from learning reading and writing simultaneously, mutually developing skills and habits that lead to lifelong reading and writing. In this class, our Kindergartners:  

  • Listen to a great read aloud in which they study what the author of the text does well- and then imitate that in their own writing.  

  • Read books at their level with guidance and support and then write about those books 

  • Play with patterns in language to build their conventional spelling and grammar

  • Make books like real authors! 



We only allow 6 children in each class in order to differentiate instruction and maximize each child's experience. Class includes handouts of strategies for home. 

Cost is 198.00 for 8 week session

          175.00 for 7 week session

          150.00 for 6 week session

 *10% discount for siblings



"...(in) the homes of children who had learned to read early, she found that someone in the home read to the children, answered their questions, and encouraged them to write...The amount of experience that five-year-old children had with books was directly related to their reading comprehension at seven and eleven years old. Children who had engaged in hundreds of literacy events entered school understanding more about the world than children with minimal literacy events and furthermore, they excelled at the end of elementary school. Six years of schooling could not make up for the loss children suffered by not engaging in literacy events in their early lives."

                                                                    -Cullinan, Independent Reading and School Achievement

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