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Parent and Child


Looking to spend quality, purposeful time with your 3rd-6th grade child? We invite you to be part of a book club together. Not only is this the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with books and each other, it's a way for parents to learn "how" to read with their child at home.  At this age, there still needs to be a balance of time spent reading to them, with them, listening to them read, and encourging them to read independently. We take 3 families in a group (3 parents, 3 children [pay by family]). 


We provide: 

  • The book: in our first session, we will choose from a choice of 3. 

  • The facilitator: an expert teacher will faciliate reading and conversation.

  • The cozy space:  we have lots of cozy spaces for adults and children to read.

Book Clubs


Length: 5 weeks/One hour a week (evenings and/or weekends)

Schedule: This is a new service for us that we are offering on weekends and/or evenings. Get in touch and let us know what would work for you!

Cost: 150.00 for 5 week session- INCLUDES THE BOOK!!


Parents (of children ages 2-12)


Enjoy the company and support of other parents (that have children close in age to yours) as we spend the first portion exploring new children's books to read to your children, and the remaining time reading and discussing a book about Parenting.


We provide: 

  • The book: We will choose the Parenting book based on your children's ages (and our knowledge of the best books on these topics!).

  • The tips: While we will offer early literacy tips in the session-the book choice will be about Parenting this age group in general. 

  • The facilitator: The session is facilitated by an expert Parenting Educator. 

  • A recap: Each week, we'll recap the assigned reading before our discussion (just in case you didn't get to read)

  • Light refreshments


Teachers (K-2nd Grade)

Cost: 165.00 for 5 week session- INCLUDES BOOK AND RESOURCES!!

Because you give everything you have to your students each day, we know first hand that any committment to professional learning outside of the time you spend in the classroom is difficult. We have chosen the best professional books and gathered our best tips to make the very most of the hour you spend with us. Our goal is to educate you on the most signifigant things you can be doing for your growing readers and writers. You'll also benefit from the support of other teachers. 


We Provide: 

  • The book: A quality professional book about enhancing your classroom literacy environment and other best practices

  • The facilitator: An expert Professional Developer will facilitate conversation about the WHAT,WHY, and HOW of your classroom environment

  • The resources: Each session will include handouts with action steps for you implement back in your classroom

  • Light refreshments






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