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After School Literacy Club

We offer two types of After School Literacy Clubs. Both clubs have 4 children max and are designed for children in 1st-5th grade. Our After School Literacy Homework Club supports all learners with reading and writing homework. Homework support is mixed with other fun, hands-on literacy activites that enrich reading and writing interest and motivation. Our After School Small Group Tutoring Club supports children who are reading below grade level through small group tutoring. Please learn more about small group tutoring by clicking here.


Our schedule for FALL 2019 is pending: 


After School Literacy Homework Club: (1/2nd graders in one group, 3rd-5th graders in another)

St. Mary's Church in Wayne

  • THURSDAYS 4:00-5:30 PM 

Local Library-TBD

  • WEDNESDAYS 4:00-5:30 PM 

                                                                                           ** Cost for Homework club is 40.00 a session. 

After School Small Group Tutoring:(1/2nd graders in one group, 3rd-5th graders in another)

St. Mary's Church in Wayne

  • WEDNESDAYS 4:00-5:00 PM 

Local Library-TBD

  • THURSDAYS 4:00-5:30 PM 


**PLEASE NOTE: For either club, we cannot gaurantee enrollment until 3 children are registered. 


Bookmaking Clubs at Schools

In the Winter 2019, our After School Club Great Books and Bookmaking is being held at:


  • Radnor Elementary- TBD


In the Winter 2019, our After School Club Books Under Construction is being held at:


  • Belmont Hills Elementary- Lower Merion School District (sign up through PTO) TBD


We require 6 students to sign up in order to have a class and cap the class at 10 students. Cost ranges from 13 to 15.00 a class depending upon location and length of session. When you sign up we will be in touch about cost and status of enrollment. Thanks for your interest. We are excited to meet you!



Thrive is thrilled to offer Bookmaking Clubs after school in local schools and learning centers. If you are interested in these clubs for your school or center, please be in touch. 


The goal of our clubs is to make Reading and Writing fun! Reading and Writing can be enjoyed just like other hobbies. In our clubs, we share the best of children’s literature, create books, and have great conversations. Our After School clubs share the same components of all of our literacy classes:

  • Small Group Learning: We require 6 children for a club and cap the group at 12. We make sure each child gets the individual attention and support they need as they grow. 

  • Designed for all children: Our clubs appeal to children who desire to spend more time reading, illustrating and writing past the school day AND those who are more resistant and need extra support.

  • A highly qualified, nurturing literacy teacher guides and supports growing readers and writers. 

  • A cozy, risk-free environment that promotes taking your time, making choices, and getting to know your interests and goals.


   Class Offerings (K-3rd grade)


Great Books and Book-Making 

Calling all aspiring authors! In this class we use great children’s books as a model for how to write our own books. We assemble, illustrate, revise, and share our books like real authors.


Books Under Construction

In this class we use everyday materials to construct our own books in creative and imaginative ways. Perfect for children that have already attended our Great Books and Bookmaking Class or for those new to Thrive After School Clubs, we share great books while learning the process that real authors go through as they write. While we go from boxes to books, the children take pride in the construction of materials, ideas and words. Readers and writers of all ability levels are welcome- this class highlights the joy that reading and writing can bring to all children. 




Book Buddies (w/Non-Fiction) 

Love non-fiction? This class is focused on reading and writing in partnerships. We pair up students to discuss and learn from captivating books. Then, we practice writing our own non fiction pieces as a duo.


Have questions? Get in touch.


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